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Our Mission Starts Here

Ronald Brown, Lionel Williams, and Scott Bonner ministered alongside of each other at New Bible Baptist Church for over a decade. All three of their families became bonded in ways that some biological families have never known. At different times, God called each minister away from NBBC, yet the bonds were kept through the physical separation.

Years later, in 2011, Vicki Williams (Lionel's wife) made the suggestion that the three of them should start thinking and praying about doing a ministry together. They prayed for a while about it and although nothing came of it for two years, In January 2013, they learned that New Bible Baptist Church (NBBC) had closed its doors. Their spirits were quenched by this bad news to the point of constantly thinking about the close. They felt that this was the area of the city God was calling them to plant His Church.  


Ron, Lionel, and Scott ( The Elders) and some  former members ignited a passion to re-launch a church in an under-served community with a great need of the GOSPEL. Months of prayer, planning/strategizing and meeting with legal representatives led to our gaining access to the former NBBC  building. After extensive cosmetic and integral work to the building,  it is now our place of  Worship-- Greater Love Church (GLC).


GLC is a deeply relational church with a high priority on the Gospel being preached; disciples being healed and equipped for ministry. As Chris Tomlin said “Greater things are still to be done in this city.” There are so many broken families that need the living hope of the Gospel, so many people that need a place of refuge, so many people believing a false gospel, so many churches needing to be revived in the true gospel, and in taking the Gospel to our broken city . With prayerful ambition, please consider partnering with us to see “The Broken Healed through Christ” in the Northeast section of our nation’s Capital.

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